The Dandelion

Dandelions blooming in Bonny Dundee by Bill Rennie

Oh what a magnificent vision
While walking through Dundee
The first flowers of Spring are there for all tae see
But their vibrant yellow belies their menace
As gardeners will attest this premise
The tap root like a long carroty slug
Will not yield to being dug
So nocturnal enuresis will be with us
Perchance forever more
Until we find a way
To banish them fae oor door
But love or hate the dandelion
I think we’d all agree
That their heralding of spring is a braw sight tae see
Shirley Gibson 27.04.2020 Or should it be McGonigal.


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We will rise like the Phoenix

Sometimes in life we’ve got to let go
of the stress and anxiety that gets us through
The days roll ahead
Our fear becomes the norm
But we’ll all stick together and weather the storm

We’re carrying on through this, reaching for the end
But first we’re in this Limbo reliant on friends
The unknown calls us closer
Enveloped in it’s thrall
But we will rise up like the Phoenix
And together we’ll stand tall
Shirley Costello Gibson 20.03.2020 copyright


Wendy’s Fairy shoe

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