Ode to Troyboy

Troyboy now chasing sticks in doggy heaven

Shirley’s Ode to Troyboy
He looks at me with his mournful eyes
As on the couch he lies
His legs point up to the moon
And his bits gang aft awry

Yes, I’m talking about Troyboy
Indeed, an ode to joy
He’s often left us breathless
As he runs after his toys

But he collects up all his sticks
And guards them with his life
We wouldn’t try to take them from him
We couldn’t take the strife

The years have rolled on for Troyboy
He’s getting a wee bit slow
And his little legs are knocking together
Completely ruining his flow

But he never loses the fight
And still has the strength
to take all the covers
From me in the middle o’ the night

Goodnight then Troyboy
Fae me and Josh
Sleep the sleep of the righteous
And look after your gong
Shirley Costello Gibson


Easter Treats and other things from Gibberz Creations

Easter Bunting with ribbon of your choice.

An Easter hug.

A Police Officer car hanger. Can be any occupation.

Bespoke box bag and coasters

Dressing table box bags for little brushes and other treasures.

Elie the Elephant and two love birds


The Channel Threat

I am writing this explanation of my piece in order to explain to those who do not know that we do, in fact, have both a Clandestine Channel Threat Commander and a Minister for Immigration Compliance. The Dept. for the Salubriosness of Great Britannia was of my own making. Sounds good though. It is also the case that I did not have a clue what I was doing when I first started this blog. That includes the need to give a background to my articles. I have also made a few changes to this article. Please enjoy.

Dan O’Mahoney, you’re the CCTC:
A Marine brought in to guard our seas,
Against marauding bands of life jacketed savages
Who “our green and pleasant lands” would ravage.

Danny, get on your “chariot of fire”
and unleash Britannia’s superior force,
To repel the mighty Armada of the foe,
Paddling over in their tiny boats.

Hail Clandestine Channel Threat Commander,
Get your act together, please do not dander.
Fetch your “bow of burning gold”
But be sure you point it straight and bold.

Your country needs a steady hand,
Our perspicacious Government agrees
That your fight on the beaches of our lands,
Will save us from those Herculean miscreants.

We know that the Ministry for Immigration Compliance,
Will always be there for a handy alliance,
With our Clandestine Channel Threat Commander
And the Department for the salubriousness of Great Britannia.

Shirley Gibson 30.09.2020 copyright



Since this lock doon business started
My Faither’s been working fae hame
Mind, he tells us he’ll sort oot any crisis
Isn’t that what Faither’s are fir?

So last week Mither got into a terrible fankle,
And it wis a’ tae dae wi’ mince.
The butcher told her it hadn’t been hung lang.
So she hung it ower the sink.

My Faither came in fae ben the hoose
Went straight ower tae the sink,
Whaur he found maist o’ his dinner,
Starting tae turn gey pink

I think that we’re heading fir a real bourach,
Says ma Faither tae ma maw.
Mind, we could always add some tatties:
A pot o’ stovies would be braw.

So, the bourach wis prevented,
Through Faither thinking oot the box.
But, he ate the stovies on his ain,
Cause we’d a’ hid fish and chips.
Shirley Gibson 01.02.2021


More Gems from Gibberz Creations


More from Gibberz

Wendy’s embroidered exhibit in Scotland’s National Portrait Gallery. This is part of the exhibition “You are here, 2020: Stories, Portraits, Visions” all about life during lockdown

Wendy’s little treats for Easter include Easter bunny egg holders [personalised] and bunny treat bags


Table Runner for Burns Night


The Ballad of Dominic Cummings

There once was a couple called Domie and Boris
Who hosted a party in their garden of roses
All their pals and the media had gathered there
For Domie Cummings, his soul to bare

We had a pandemic in the World you see
The people were told they were no longer free
To go outside and socialise
Nor visit their loved ones as they died

But that rule was not for everyone
And Cummings broke it with impunity
He got a story drafted for us
Knowing that Boris would provide immunity

After all Boris had nothing else on his plate
Just the pandemic and that could wait
So he and his cronies supported their buddy
As the truth, his tale, was intended to muddy

Fairy Tale of Barnard Castle
[Based loosely] on the tune of “Fairy Tale of New York”, The Pogues]

“ My eyes were fuzzy and I could not see so good
So we all got in my car. I’m really quite a dude
And then we had a trip to Barnard Castle town
But going back again, we had to stop”

Then the river was calling so we took a little walk
Alongside it’s rippling flow we passed the time
But then we had to leave to drive back home again
Then came the miracle, my sight was fine

Now that bit is the truth there will be no regrets
And I’ve always got Boris to watch my back
Though I spread the beastie
through our green and pleasant land
I am pretty sure that I’ll not get the sack

We’ve got cars big as bars
We’ve got bank accounts to match
So we really don’t care much
For daft rules on our patch
Just let all the low paid keep this country fit
While we open the champagne and dream of Brexit

He’s a bum
He’s a twit
He’s gotta be on smack
If he thinks we believe him
He’s buttoned up the back

As the boys of the right wing syndicate
were singing Jerusalem
The bells were ringing out for Dominie

Shirley Costello Gibson 02.06.2020 copyright


Xmas and Birthday Treats



Beautiful hot air balloon and blanket by Gibberz Creations